Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts Launched

Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts Launched


Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts, formerly, Athena Gallery of Fine Arts was first opened in 2012. The gallery serves as a cultural and educational center, with frequent exhibitions, seminars, workshops and other activities open to public at large.

Athena Gallery has been renamed as Abinta Gallery of Fine Arts in remembrance of Abinta Kabir – the granddaughter of Ms. Nilu Murshed who is the CEO of the gallery. Abinta loved art and had an eye for good paintings. As a budding changemaker and humanitarian, she dreamt of bringing change to people’s lives through personal and social philanthropy. The objective and intention of the gallery is to showcase Bangladesh’s promising generation of young artists and creative minds.

Abinta Kabir Cyber Center and Archive Inaugurated at Dhaka University

Abinta Kabir Foundation has been launched in memory of Abinta Kabir. The foundation seeks to put its efforts into making a considerable amount of contribution in helping build a better society. Helping the poor and educating children from less fortunate backgrounds is one of the prime motives of the foundation.

Recently, the “Abinta Kabir Cyber Center and Archive” has been launched at the Fine Arts Faculty Library at Dhaka University. The inauguration was completed on May 24th, 2017. The inauguration was done by the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique along with other respective members of Abinta Kabir Foundation.

Abinta had an eye for artwork and painting. She, in her lifetime, used to collect painting and wanted to showcase the works of Bangladeshi painters in the global arena. Keeping respect to that, the cyber center and archive have been launched at the Department of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. The objective of the cyber center is to provide the members of the Fine Arts Department to use necessary software applications to support their academic endeavors. Alongside this, the archive is the accumulation of the records of the respective department. Primarily containing source documents that have been accumulated over the course of the department’s tenure at Dhaka University.

As a whole, the center will contribute to the betterment of the study of fine arts at the department. This center is an attempt of the foundation to fulfill one of the many goals that Abinta had. At the end of the ceremony, a documentary was shown in memory of Abinta Kabir. Afterward, Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University commented, “Abinta’s dream of doing something for the underprivileged and her dedication to this end prove her patriotism. It is our deepest regret that we have failed to save her”.

Another Abinta Kabir Foundation School launched in Natore

Abinta wanted to provide free education to the children from underprivileged backgrounds of our country. She wanted that the children will get the proper education to become able citizens and bring positive change in their own lives. This is one of the prime legacies of Abinta Kabir. The Abinta Kabir Foundation, since its inception, has been working towards the fulfillment of this dream of Abinta. Previously, the foundation opened 5 schools in Natore for the less privileged children.


It must be noted that Bangladesh is a developing country that is still suffering from chronic poverty and illiteracy. The poorest people in rural areas cannot find enough employment opportunities to sustain their families. This is one of the prime causes of why children from these families cannot go to school. The foundation has been working to solve this problem and has launched five schools in Natore where children are studying.


We believe that proper education will liberate these children to get out of the cycle of poverty in the future. Also, the foundation believes to educate girls, so that they can put in an equal effort like boys for the development of our land. It is our core cause to spread education and make learning accessible to them. Therefore, alongside the five schools in Natore, the foundation recently launched another girls school.


The school will educate girls from less fortunate backgrounds. Educating girls alongside boys will help our country to fulfill the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) for our country. In the future, these girls will become active citizens in the country and educate their children – the next generation and this will create a developmental cycle, which will turn our country into a developed one. The foundation aims to fulfill the legacy of Abinta Kabir through these endeavors.