Mohammed Hussein Syed

Abinta Kabir Endowed Fellowships supports students at Oxford College with preference to students who are residents of South Asia or have a demonstrated knowledge of Bangladesh history and culture. The scholarship was established in memory of Abinta. Abinta was an Oxford sophomore – an outstanding student, a humanitarian and a leader. Abinta exemplified the true meaning of kindness and unity and served as a role model to aspiring leaders and scholars, dedicating countless hours to the Student Activities Committee, leading and serving the Oxford community (Emory official website). The Abinta Kabir Foundation set up the scholarship for students from Bangladesh and neighbouring south Asian countries to attend Oxford College.

The Abinta Kabir scholarship was awarded to Mohammed Hussein Syed, a 20-year old student from Hyderabad, India. He went to Druid Hills High School (right next to Emory College in Decatur) before enrolling in the bachelor’s degree programme in chemistry at the Oxford College. He lives in close vicinity of the Oxford College and being so close to home provides him with a sense of comfort which in turn, lets him concentrate in trying to be as brilliant as Abinta has been. He came to live in America – Atlanta to be precise, when he was 4 years old.

He is an enthusiastic learner and has cultivated a true love of learning. He feels right at home in Oxford campus – a tight-knit community. He also surmised that small class-room size helped him to connect with his professors and peers. While he is comfortable seeking help from his professors, he also enjoys the process of applying critical thinking to solve his own questions. One of his favourite classes is organic chemistry. He wishes to train as a Doctor after he finishes his bachelor degree.

As a first recipient of the scholarship, Mohammed appreciates the opportunities the scholarship has entailed him. Through his dedication to his studies, his involvement in campus life, and his enthusiasm for connecting with others, Mohammed is honouring Abinta and leading by example for other students. He says: “Receiving the Abinta Kabir Endowed Scholarship and attending Oxford has taught me that if you work hard, you can achieve whatever it is you desire

Nupur Akhter

Abinta Kabir Foundation” a name of greater optimism in darkness. At first I want to express my gratefulness to AKF.Like the heaven soul ofAbinta Kabir this foundation is also carringv on its activities to fullfil its heaven aims.As far as I think I could realize its contribution to me.Now I am a student of LL.B.2nd year of the Dhaka University.I have obtained a scholership from this foundation in my first year.Actually this is a great help for me in my helpless period which contributes can hardly be described.Being a student of Law it is impossible to me to do any job even tution besides my study to support myself.In such a miserable period AKF stands by me and makes easy to carry on my study. l always pray to the almighty to keep her soul rest in peace and to give such a strength so that we can realize all the hopes and dreams of Abinta Kabir.I am also optimist that this foundation will broads its activities over the country to cover more previliged students to fulfill the dreams of heaven soul of Abinta Kabir. Thankful to Abita Kabir Foundation and all the members concerned it


I am Sanjida Akter. I am a student of department of law at university of Dhaka. I have come from an impoverished family. My father is the one and inly earning member of my family. Exept me I have one brother and on sister who are also studying. So it was very difficult for my father to carry the expenditure of my study. At that momrnt “Abinta Kabir Foundation” gave me the scholarship. Actually by giving this scholarship “Abinta Kabir Foundation ” has done many more help for my study. So I am very grateful to “AKF”. I pray for Abinta that Allah might keep her soul in peace. I also pray for Abinta,s family. I hope that in future “AKF” will continue it,s giving setvice to the unprivileged students