Sponsor a Girl

1st March,2019

Sponsor a Girl program Launch


Winter Drive

To Help Them in combating severe cold,The foundation distributed 750 blankets to destitute people of Hobigonj.

11th May,2018

The Little Artist Exhibition

The Abinta Gallery of Fine(Project of Abinta kabir Foundation) Arts presented a unique School Art Competition titled- “ The Little Artist”in 2018 between February and April, in different schools in Dhaka and Chittagong. 

27th Feb,2018

Book Launch

4th Feb,2018

Book Launch at Calcutta

3rd Feb,2018

AISD Fair Participation

22nd Jan,2018

Nawabganj Tree Plantation

Due to rapid urbanisation,plantation has taken a back seat. The foundation planted more than 500 saplings on the school premises.

17th Nov,2017

Abinta Build

The foundation partnered with Habitat for Humanity Bangladesh to build 12 decent and affordable homes in the Brahmongaon village (Kaliganj upzilla) in the district of Gazipur.


Financial Aid

Financial Support provided to 10 Dhaka University Law Students

8th July,2017

Abinta Kabir Foundation Office Inauguration

5th July,2017

Abinta kabir Foundation School launch

Abinta Kabir Foundation School was established to honor and realize Abinta’s dream to ensure a quality education for all. Currently we are serving 96 girl students. The ratio of our girl students and teacher is 16:1.

25th May,2017

Abinta Cyber Center Launch

The Cyber Center has technical & technological support- financed by the Abinta Kabir Foundation. The center provides members of the Fine Arts Department, both faculty and students to use necessary support their academic endeavors.

21st May,2017

Jolshiri Tree Plantation

To uphold the Foundation's promise to look after,it planted more than 500 plants at jolshiri.

22nd April,2017

In Loving Memory

Abinta was an aspiring artist as witnessed in the various drawing sheets so lovingly preserved in the memoire.In 22nd April,2017 to symbolize Abinta’s passion for art, Athena Gallery has been renamed to Abinta Gallery.

1st April, 2017

Bashabo School

The Foundation went into a contract with the Bashabo School to provide funds which were aimed for infrastructural development.

5th March,2017

Foundation Launch

The Abinta Kabir Foundation was formed on 5th March, 2017 to make unrealised dreams of a young philanthropist, a high spirited beautiful soul and an intelligent academic whose head full of brilliant ideas about how to give back to her country.

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