Foundation Launch

Abinta, with her dreams so pure and her hopes so strong, remains with us as her vision takes shape. With the wish to make Abinta’s most savored dreams of making the world a better place for everyone, Abinta Kabir Foundation inaugurated its office on July 8th on Pragati Sarani.

Abinta Kabir Foundation hopes to help the underprivileged through several different welfare projects throughout the country.  The foundation has opened seven schools for underprivileged children, two being in Dhaka and five in Natore.  Their future endeavors will include setting up old homes and health care facilities for the underprivileged. Inspired by Abinta’s keen interest in sports, the foundation also plans to help budding athletes.


The foundation has opened and maintained the Abinta Cyber Center in Charukola, Dhaka University’s Fine Arts Faculty to aid budding artists connect with the global and modern platform of art. The foundation has also set up a lifelong scholarship program for Bangladeshi and neighboring South Asian countries at Oxford College of Emory University in Georgia, USA. This opportunity will provide financial assistance to students from Southeast Asian countries including Bangladesh for higher studies at Oxford College of Emory University in Georgia, USA.

Abinta’s unfaltering kindness was reminisced by her family during the inauguration ceremony. Holding back tears, Abinta’s mother said she is proud of her daughter and wishes to work towards making her dreams come true on the social issues in Bangladesh.  

Manzur Morshed, Abinta’s grandfather, said Abinta was involved in helping the needy and inspired children to enhance their creative endeavor. He also said she wanted to come home in Bangladesh early so she could open an NGO for the underprivileged.

Describe the world you come from

I grew up in Miami before moving to Bangladesh at the age of 10. I go to an international school in Dhaka, but I visit the US every summer. I have developed a unique perspective of viewing my home country, Bangladesh, and am able to look at it both as in insider and as an outsider. I am acutely sensitive to the tremendous hardships faced by ordinary people in Bangladesh. I understand the importance of embracing my nation for what it is, and work in every way that I can to improve the quality of life of its people.

When I began high school in Bangladesh, I volunteered with various service learning groups. Of these, I connected most with the Acid Survivors Foundation. There I met Durjoy, an 8 year old boy, who was fed acid when he was a baby because his aunt was jealous of her sister for having a baby boy when she only had girls. The acid burned the boy’s mouth and throat and he now needs to use a feeding pipe for the rest of his life. As I became close to Durjoy, I wondered what kind of life he would lead, as he grew older; if this pain and lifetime burden were not enough, society also treats acid victims as outcasts.

I also met several women who did not let their physical disfigurement affect their aspirations. They went to university and studied to become lawyers, doctors and pursue their professions; by example, they have inspired other victims to undertake similar goals. I feel inspired to continue to make a difference when I witness their outstanding courage and independence.

As more people are aware, the cause will attract domestic and international attention. I am inspired by the strength of these people and know that more will become courageous and independent in pursuing day-to-day life and soon will be socially accepted. This will hopefully broaden the minds of many and encourage others to get more involved with this service.



How do I know what I know?


I know what I know through real life experiences, education and life lessons taught by my family members. I know what I know from everyday experiences. For example, I know that I am not supposed to waste food because I have lived in a country where more than half the population is below the poverty line. I have witnessed starving children tap at the window of my car asking for money so that they can buy food. Experiences such as these help you gain perspective about your life and others as well.

Education is another huge factor that helped me know what I know. Through the teachers’ lectures and assignments I am able to learn new subjects such as math, political science, English, economics and etc. Their lectures have allowed me to further my knowledge regarding a particular subject. For example, in Political science I learned about John Locke and his definition of a natural man. I now know this through the extensive and rigorous reading process I must go through to understand the concepts of John Locke. Education requires great motivation and drive and this allows me to know what I know. Lastly, lessons dictated by my family members have enabled me to know what I know. For example, my mother has taught me how to tie my shoelaces when I was little. Through her constant guidance and motivation she taught me this skill. Guidance from family members allows you to understand and learn new things that become a part of what you know.

While growing up I have been taught many lessons from my mom and she has greatly influenced my perception between right and wrong. I am able to distinguish right from wrong because of the values and morals she has taught me. Honesty is a very important value to me because if I stay truthful to myself and those around me I will be able to make correct decisions in life. A real life example of when I had to make a decision between right and wrong was when I was about to lie to my mom about where I was going. I decided that it would be best for me to tell her the truth instead of lying because it would break her trust and I would hurt her in the process. Therefore, my values greatly influence how I decide between something that is right or wrong.

I believe that it is very difficult to be absolutely certain regarding things. However, in order to be close to certainty it is best to evaluate the pros and cons of a situation or a problem. If you look at the two sides of every situation then you are more likely to be certain about your decision or your actions. For example, during a test you are trying to pick the correct answer and must cross out the wrong choices. You try to remember what you studied and eliminate the wrong answers and pick the best possible answer. Overall, the answers to these questions are based off of real life experiences and what you have been taught throughout your childhood.


Abinta Kabir


Due to my mother, my incredible role model, I value trust, determination, gratitude, respect, and open mindedness; therefore my purpose in life is to become successful, hardworking, and accepting, but at the same time care for those around me and appreciate the fortunate life I live. This is the case for me because growing up I always looked up to my mother and the many things she went through and accomplished while raising me.

Even though while growing up I didn’t realize that her strict rules and lectures were going to help me, I later on understood the importance of each life lesson she taught me. One of the lessons she taught me was to always be grateful for what you have and to try your best to help those who are less fortunate. This lesson was impressionable because growing up in Bangladesh, which is a third world nation, meant that I would have to give back to my community. At the same time, I admired my mother for being independent, hardworking and always aiming high. These positive attributes she possessed pushed me to become a better and more sincere person.

To me gratitude is the most important value because it is important to appreciate what you have in life. This value informs my purpose because I aim to help those around me and give back to the people of my country who are suffering from poverty and hunger. Determination is something one should always possess because it is always important to aim high. This informs my purpose because I aspire to be a successful businesswoman, which I hope to achieve because of the time, and effort I put into my homework and my studies. Trust and respect are also important values to possess because it is crucial to treat others correctly and to also be surrounded by those you trust will be a good influence on you. Thus, these two values also inform my purpose because I care for those around me, and do whatever it takes to help those in need.


Gabriella Nordlund


She was not only my sister but also in a sense, my parent. I’m a very stubborn person and she was the only person I actually listened to; that I really trusted and cared about what she had to say. Although we were the same age she was always more mature than I was, more level headed. She always knew how to make the right choices and the right way to do everything. She is the smartest person I know. Not just of sheer natural talent, but of true hard work. She knew what she wanted and there was no doubt in my mind that she would accomplish these things. There were so many things we wanted to do together and so many things I wanted to do because of her. I know that I will be successful in my life and the reason for my success will be almost exclusively because of the things that she taught me and the character that I saw in her that has shaped me But the worst part is that I will get to accomplish all of these things that we both wanted so badly, and it’s simply not fair because she deserves it so much more than I do.

Kiera O’Rourke


Abinta will live on, always, in Ruba. I have never seen a bond stronger between mother and daughter and that’s because Abinta had a gift not many children have: an ability to adapt to and become part of other people. She grew up between two worlds, representing how the world is changing and opening itself. And her personality reflected this openness. She is a part of so many people, in ways not many 18 year olds could ever be. And because she traveled the world and opened herself to the world, she is everywhere too.


Kimber Williams


Abinta Kabir had eyes that sparkled, a radiant grin that illuminated any room she entered, and an academic inquisitiveness that was evident even in the first grade.


Jordan J. Johnson


Abinta was one of those one-in-a-million souls, she was passionate, intelligent, hilarious and, above all, one of the kindest, most selfless people I have ever come across. To have been able to call her a close friend was truly a blessing in my life.

Tracy Hill


She was in our Grade 5 class and she was full of smiles and laughter. She was so very excited to be in Dhaka and so very proud of her heritage. It was an absolute pleasure teaching Abinta, not only was she a good student but she was kind, and helpful to everyone. She was so loved, not only by the kids in class but by me too.

Karli Lomax


What we miss most about Abinta is her smile and lighthearted disposition. Her sassy, yet always sweet moments; Abinta was funny and playful. We both still think of her often, especially in the gym and on the court.

Rose Suguieda



Your caring personality and your beautiful smile always caught my attention. If there was a problem, you were there to bring peace. If your friends were fighting, you were there to make amends. If someone needed help, you were their safe harbor. You were always giving your best, being the best friends someone could have. You showed, by example, that success was attainable and that studying hard was the path to reach our goals.

You gave pure love to all that met you and I am sure that you wanted to spread unconditional love all over the world. And you did, believe me. Everyone who had the pleasure to meet you has a mission now. We look up to you. In your honor and because of your example, we are determined to make a difference in the world and to spread LOVE. That’s how I chose to keep you closer and show how much I love you!

Molly McGehee


What a smile Abinta had, what radiance. One could easily see she was filled with light, at time, could not be contained. When I think about Abinta, whose name means beautiful, I think about light and goodness and innocence. Abinta planned to return to Dhaka after completing her degree to start a school for girls so that more women there would have a chance for education and liberation.

Abinta Kabir’s eyes sparkled. In my mind, they always will.

Quotes from Emory

You will always be a part of Oxford. We miss you & we love you.

May my life be a testament to the two of you – your love, your joy, your sorrows. All of those rich moments that constituted your young lives. You make me want to live better and love better. You clearly have touched hundreds, and you will forever touch me, even though I never had the good fortune to meet either of you.

May your lives and example give us courage.


I was not lucky enough to know you well. While our paths did not cross much in life, your impact on me is immense.

Rest in Peace


Dear Abinta,

I am so so sorry. I pray for you and hold your family and friends in my heart

Professor Pamela Scully

Even with all the unfairness, unjust actions, I hope there’s a place of heartful memories, peace, and love. Abinta and Faraaz, may your loved ones remember you with love and your positive influence.

See you sometime.

Abinta and Faraaz,

Although I may not have known you personally, I felt your presence on the Oxford campus. I see how much you impacted those around you. I am sad that you’re gone, but I know you are in a better place. I pray that your families can heal from this tragedy. May you live on through us as we carry your memory, and may it strengthen us and our relationships with others.

Wesley A

Ek Din Obosshoy Tomra Dekha Hobe.

I wish that I had the pleasure and honor of teaching you in class. But it seems that you have taught me much already.

Thank you Abinta and Faraaz


Your smile, positivity, and love made me want to be a better person. I’ll never forget all the dancing you made me do in meetings & I will always remember your voice, telling me I can do it & that you’ll be there for me and others. Now, your body is gone. I would do anything to see you again, but your soul is present, and all of the world will be graced by its presence & the greatness you inspired will put an end to suffering.


You are a star that shines in the night! You will be so missed by all of us! Love you!

Mrs. Velazquez