Emory University Renames Room In Memory Of Abinta Kabir

Emory University Renames Room In Memory Of Abinta Kabir


Abinta Kabir was a known and loved figure at Oxford College of Emory University. As an individual, she was human-centered and aspired to help anyone around her. It was her lifelong ambition to bring a positive change in people’s lives.

She always made an effort towards social causes. It was her dream to start an organization after she graduated, which would work towards alleviating the condition of the less fortunate and make their lives better. Abinta wanted to empower women and the next generation of this country by opening a school for underprivileged girls. She wanted to help acid victims and did not want them to be treated as outcasts in the society. Pertinent to this, she had given countless hours of effort and hard work to social causes at her college.

Abinta believed in inspiring those around her and dedicated many hours to the Student Activities Committee at Oxford College, Emory University. She both served and lead the Oxford community through her limitless efforts and endeavors.

She left a lasting impact on many Oxford students, faculty members, and staff members who were fortunate enough to share the same space with her. The 2017 sophomore class of Oxford College at Emory University memorialized her and another honored member of the Oxford community. On March 29, 2017, they renamed a room in Candler Hall to Hossain-Kabir Room in order to remember campus leader Abinta Kabir along with her friend Faraaz Hossain.

Abinta exemplified the true meaning of kindness and served as a role model to aspire leaders and scholars. Abinta Kabir Foundation humbly receives this recognition by Emory University to commemorate the great soul that Abinta was.