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The kindness of Abinta Kabir will be forever remembered by her friends and family, the Bangladeshi people, and individuals all over the world. In an effort to honor Abinta Kabir’s commitment to helping others, Habitat would like to organize two special initiatives that will continue in perpetuity: The Abinta Kabir Young Volunteer Fellowship and a special annual build event.

In honor of Abinta Kabir’s desire to help people in need, a youth build event called “A dream builds homes and hope” has been hosted by the support of Habitat Build Bangladesh. This special project will help people living in substandard housing in the Dhamrai or Kaliganj area to improve their living conditions and economic security. The event will be an occasion for Abinta Kabir Foundation to actively demonstrate its commitments to assisting families, and an opportunity to initiate community service and volunteerism as a way to remember Abinta Kabir. In addition to helping a family in need of a hand up, the event will actively involve young women from Abinta Kabir’s family and friends, various organizations, and the media to help raise awareness about the need for proper housing. In partnership between AKF & Habitat, the special youth event will have a lasting and positive impact in Bangladesh. The project built 12 homes in Dhamrai Kaliganj areas in November 17th 2017. The build named Abinta’s Build. Around 350+ Volunteers were engaged . Volunteers were from different institutions – schools, universities, nonprofit sector, and companies. The event was done in two phases. The first phase included a one-day event where volunteers engaged for service work. The event chief guest was the Hon’ Ambassador of United States. She has participated in the build herself to encourage the youth to be involved in serving their communities. (8 houses were built). The second phase was done in a series build. Different schools and organizations participated in builds in teams in a month-long time (4 houses were built). There was a house giving ceremony where the houses were handed over to the owners on February 17th 2018. The house residents were given training on hygiene. The houses have 1 bedroom, 1 attached latrine, 1 tube well (safe water consumption), 1 porch. Kaliganj area has trouble getting water.

The Abinta Kabir Young Volunteer fellowship with Habitat

In partnership with Abinta Kabir Foundation and in memory of Abinta Kabir, a two-year volunteer fellowship program that will be implemented in Bangladesh. A volunteer coordinator will be recruited as a fellow for this program. This person will work with the senior manager of communications and volunteer programs at Habitat Bangladesh and will conduct research on young volunteers to help raise awareness of proper housing for people of Bangladesh. Initially, this position will last two years and will develop of Bangladesh. Initially, this position will last two years and will develop a guideline for youth volunteerism in Bangladesh with a focus on a decent housing. The fellowship position will help the foundation encourage the younger people to get involved in social work, developing resources and organizing event. The Abinta Kabir Young Volunteer fellowship will reach countless people and will benefit many, including the benefits of Youth volunteer coordinator (salary and benefits for one year), Laptop, Transportation and Travel expenses. Keeping with her zeal for volunteerism and her love for helping others, the foundation chose to donate money that would help realize the dreams of 12 families in dire need.

Flood Relief

Background: In August 2017, Bangladesh underwent one of the worst flooding incidents in decades.

Nearly 41 million people across the three countries were affected, with the death toll mounting to over 1,200. As indicated by the few reports by IFRC, this was been the most noticeably awful flooding occurrence in Bangladesh in 40 years and it influenced almost 8.2 million people in this low-lying riverine nation. In 2017, when flood affected thousands of families all over Bangladesh, Abinta Kabir Foundation team decided to visit a small town called Belkuchi in Sirajgang on 22nd September. The initiative included a distribution of relief packages to 500 distraught families in hopes of easing their distress. Because, Abinta believed that she had a part to play in elevating her community members to a better life. She had carried with herself a sense of responsibility for those who faced constant hardship and suffering. For Abinta, Bangladesh was home, and she aspired to lend a helping hand to as many as possible.

“I am acutely sensitive to the tremendous hardships faced by ordinary people in Bangladesh. I understand the importance of embracing my nation for what it is, and work in every way that I can to improve the quality of life of its people.”

This foundation tries to carry forward the beliefs and values that our founder held so deeply

“I aim to help those around me and give back to the people of my country who are suffering from poverty and hunger”
Abinta Kabir

Winter Drive

Winter is one of the most challenging seasons for the less fortunate and underprivileged population of Bangladesh. Homeless individuals sleeping on roadside pavements are a common sight in the streets of Bangladesh and a harsh climate only makes their struggle tougher. AKF takes inspiration from Abinta’s words that describe her will to help the poverty stricken individuals.

“I think that I have a responsibility towards those who are less fortunate and don’t have the same luxuries as I am grateful to have. Those who are fortunate enough in life should help those in need in order to make their lives better.”
Abinta Kabir

In December 2016, AKF has distributed 500 blankets to underprivileged families in Natore in order to help them combat the chilling conditions of winter. Through this initiative, AKF attempts to meet Abinta’s determination of helping the less fortunate members of her community.

Korail Slum Support

In March 2017 over 500 shanties were burnt in a fire that devastated the lives of 40,000 slum dwellers in Korail, Dhaka. AKF is determined to take on projects or initiatives that are mirrored by Abinta’s belief in her moral obligation to help the deprived.

“I believe that it is my responsibility as a Bangladeshi to help those in need.”
Abinta Kabir

As the incident left the victims stranded and homeless, AKF took a step to help the affected victims by providing mosquito nets and bamboo floor mats as urgent measures for a place to sleep.

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