Abinta Kabir Cyber Center and Archive Inaugurated at Dhaka University

Abinta Kabir Foundation has been launched in memory of Abinta Kabir. The foundation seeks to put its efforts into making a considerable amount of contribution in helping build a better society. Helping the poor and educating children from less fortunate backgrounds is one of the prime motives of the foundation.

Recently, the “Abinta Kabir Cyber Center and Archive” has been launched at the Fine Arts Faculty Library at Dhaka University. The inauguration was completed on May 24th, 2017. The inauguration was done by the Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University, Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique along with other respective members of Abinta Kabir Foundation.

Abinta had an eye for artwork and painting. She, in her lifetime, used to collect painting and wanted to showcase the works of Bangladeshi painters in the global arena. Keeping respect to that, the cyber center and archive have been launched at the Department of Fine Arts, Dhaka University. The objective of the cyber center is to provide the members of the Fine Arts Department to use necessary software applications to support their academic endeavors. Alongside this, the archive is the accumulation of the records of the respective department. Primarily containing source documents that have been accumulated over the course of the department’s tenure at Dhaka University.

As a whole, the center will contribute to the betterment of the study of fine arts at the department. This center is an attempt of the foundation to fulfill one of the many goals that Abinta had. At the end of the ceremony, a documentary was shown in memory of Abinta Kabir. Afterward, Dr. AAMS Arefin Siddique, Vice-Chancellor of Dhaka University commented, "Abinta's dream of doing something for the underprivileged and her dedication to this end prove her patriotism. It is our deepest regret that we have failed to save her".