our mission

Abinta's love and character lives through on our work

Abinta Foundation is a project that aspires to take shape and mould itself on Abinta’s benevolence and her will to help those around her and in particular those among us who are less fortunate. Abinta strived to offer aid to those in need. Thus, keeping her strong sense of morals and values in mind, we hope to preserve her spirit through our work. Focusing on the core elements that Abinta cared deeply about, we are looking to provide support to impoverished families, children in need of education, acid victims and aspiring athletes.

We hope to build Abinta’s vision of a wholesome loving community. To her, family was crucial. Therefore, we want to reach out to families that struggle to keep a roof over their heads.

One of Abinta’s many inspiring motives was her blueprint for an old age home. She envisioned a plot of land where she would build a home for the elderly and beside it have an orphanage. She believed in the beauty of codependence between the young and the old. Thus, we are striving to make this a reality.

Abinta’s passion for learning inspires us to spread education among young children, especially those who are unable to afford it. It was her dream to see a country where no child is denied education, and we take it on as our responsibility to fulfil this wish.

We want to ensure that acid victims, those who suffer unimaginable pain, are not treated as outcasts by society and instead are looked after and get equal opportunities in their pursuits.

Lastly, in memory of her dedication to sports, we want to assist budding athletes in fulfilling their dreams, whose talents need nurturing in order to blossom into the inspirational figures they can be, whose potential is otherwise at risk of being lost forever.

Abinta will forever be remembered for her unyielding dedication and resolute sense of responsibility towards society and the country that she had always called home. Our aim at Abinta Foundation is to see her legacy through.

“I feel passionately about helping others and I believe that is what I am set out to do.”

- Abinta Kabir

AJ Heights, Cha-72/1/D Progoti Shoroni,
Uttar Badda, Dhaka-1212
Dhaka, Bangladesh